Professional SEO / Web Design Services

A well made internet site ultimately has the potential power to boost traffic and aid communicating your  message to many potential clients. Website design and functions are the very best assets for a business that is looking to obtain exposure and increase client base and become more visible. There are many website design companies that are able to efficiently design a great site. Your website home page is the first place of your company that visitors will see. It is here that they will be able to read, extract and comprehend your business and what it's everything about. As such, an excellent web page design can create immense sales and incomes to improve your business.

What does this have to do with SEO?

There are key indicators that now more than ever google crawlers rank web sites not only by thew content in the site but also by the structure of the site and how well organized that structure is. It also relies heavily on code coding is one of the most important factors that the google algorithms look at when deciding if they will index a page or not index a page. While page index is not the final factor in your ranking it is a great indicator of if google is liking your site structure and content. It is our belief here at Ex-in that code and design are the 1st to ingredient to a successful SEO campaign for that reason we area seo web design consulting firm. Do you need our web design for our seo to work? The answer is simple, NO. We can optimize any site no matter what the coding is we just see quicker results with the sites we build.

You may be asking yourself do I need SEO? If you’re still on the fence about the value of SEO this link will tell you what forbes has to say about SEO

Building a awesome website without any traffic can be a waste of $. You, your company ,and your products need to be found online. Now more than ever SEO starts with design. Your designer needs to know how to build the site and should advise you on what is the best way to present what you have so that search engine bots can analyse your site and easily tell the search engines what the site is about. Our fort collins seo team has the knowledge and understanding + the SEO education to know how to build your site correctly and get it ranked fast